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Brisbane's photographers - from the home photographer to the enthusiast and to the professional can now get beautiful canvas prints online. Using Photo Art Canvas' simple ordering system, you can choose the number of prints you want, the size, and select canvas or fine art paper, and we'll print your work and ship it anywhere in Brisbane, or through out Queensland or throughout Australia.

As a consequence of the digital revolution, we see the world very differently from the way we did just a generation ago. Digital photography allows us to take high-resolution pictures in far greater numbers, and modern software allows us to manipulate the images we capture in new and exciting ways. The distinction between art and photography - never easy to make - is less clear than ever.

Of course with a digital camera in every phone, much of what we capture is not worth preserving, but in amongst the dross there's some pure gold that would beautify the home or office. The amateur and professional photo-artists of Brisbane have been quick to exploit this explosion of photographic potential. As well as capturing those intimate scenes that we want to bequeath to our descendants, they are using their cameras and computers to produce some astonishingly artistic photographic imagery.

But creating the image is just the first part. To make great wall art, the image needs a printing medium that will stand the test of time. And unfortunately the papers typically used to print photographs can be liable to degrade over time. On the other hand archival quality canvas will last many generations lifetimes, using the combination of archival canvas and genuine Epson Inks. Printing on canvas has a rich texture that is inherently appealing.

Photo Art Canvas can assist in preserving the work of Brisbane's photographers by using Breathing Colour archival quality canvas and modern sophisticated digital printing techniques. We have the latest Epson printers, and only use genuine Epson inks - renowned for their durability. That's what makes it possible for us to guarantee our canvas art prints for as long as 75 years.

The Photo Art Canvas online printing service is available to artists and photographers, not just in Brisbane but also from all over Australia. We have a 3 stage ordering system that's easy to follow, and our prices cover delivery anywhere within Australia - so there aren't any of those nasty surprises.

If you'd like to transfer your photos to canvas, create your order online, or give us a call on (08) 9394 0577 to learn more about our personalised canvas art print service.

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