About Us

With years of experience, you can trust Photo Art Canvas!

Photo Art Canvas provides a full in-house service of printing on canvas and art papers, Photoshop adjustments and manipulation of images right through to framing. We offer a complete service of archival top quality products at competitive prices, fully guaranteed.

We have been in the industry for over 40 years and with our extensive experience we are able to offer the best all-in-one photo service. The business concept was developed in 2010 and building of the website followed two years later.

We use only the highest-quality materials and our canvases are American museum-grade. Our canvas prints are available stretched or rolled and the art paper prints are available in loose print or framed.

Our unique concept sells canvas and art paper printing. The website makes for a simple ‘1, 2, 3 step’ buying experience. We have created a user-friendly website so that anyone can make use of our great service.

The customer simply uploads their image, selects the print size and type (canvas or art paper), does the cropping and pays. There are no extras. The pricing includes delivery Australia-wide so the consumer will have no surprises at checkout.

We felt a need to create a stress-free way of transferring photos to canvas; you can do everything from the comfort of our own home which is what we’ve envisioned for our customers.

Contact us on (08) 9394 0577 or email us at info@photoartcanvas.com.au for any queries.